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Come fly, jump with me
To a completely different time
When words were used with power
And they feared the rhymes
In a simple conversation
There can be disintegration
And the words just won't come out
Even if you scream and shout
So you put pencil on paper
The words flow smooth never waiver
Still I'm no personal savior
And by no means will I make ya
See there's an alternative way
To the destructive lives we portray
So get that motionless ass up
Stop putting blame on who has none
'Cause it's all just mind over matter
Yeah, you know that we can do better
Realize it's all in your hands
Be it found through words or a roar
Change the way that you think and
Ya might just get to the core
Of the matter, the problem that haunts you
Eyes closed, these lips don't know
Who to trust anymore
They all say “got your back” until you've fallen too low
All these irrelevant masks we have grown to ignore
So you better learn to forgive
'Cause we get this pure chance to live
And if I were to be pe
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liquor lips.
oh you, lips of liquor and midnight touches,
the touch, the breath, the feeding of the fire,
a fire that never dies, nor yearns, just burns;
burning us alive, enflamed in immortal desire.
to fall asleep in your arms and dream heavily,
a peace of mind i shall never have
for slumber hits when nightmares take wing.
your arms removed from my midriff,
and the comfort fails, warmth gone and dead.
my daring charmer, love and retched poison,
cunning and quick as death,
quick as night to fall and prey upon me.
shadows and desire, combined in matrimony of lies,
i swooned upon falling, i fell upon swooning,
for you, a golden child, with eyes of sky and diamond lights.
ridiculous as we may be, you tall and proud,
i, short and loud, the love that defends us
so deep and sound that none can touch us
lest we touch one another.
and touch we do,
and in touch we find pleasures, we find breath that rises,
heartbeats steady, faster, then faster still,
until blissful helplessness hits,
and we fall.
:iconstatickarla:StaticKarla 2 7
Heartaches and Heartbreaks
Part 1. The Lover.
There's this special thing about certain people.
It's the way they make you feel, their touch, the sensations they create.
These people are called lovers.
This is what lovers are meant to do, born to do; they are born to love.
I have found one such being. He is a lover. My lover.
He was born to kiss me, I think. Because no one's ever kissed me the way he does.
No one has ever held me the way he does, or squeezed me until all breath died within.
Or until all reason died within, as well.
I never liked them, the pale faces, the ones with the see-through eyes.
Sometimes it feels like I can look into his eyes and drown myself in that ocean or fly in that sky.
How I wish I could fly.
But then again, I'm lying.
I did like them, in the beginning. When I was young, and the sun beat heavily on my back.
At the playground, in the sand box. They were the chosen ones. The ones I'd smile at.
And they would smile back too, through blond lashes and silver eyes.
Gray eyes. Blu
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Mature content
mindfuck. :iconstatickarla:StaticKarla 4 0
farewell and au revoir.
i'm counting windows by your door
i saw the footprints on the floor
the wet dew drops of fresh new spring
that moment all your dreams take wing
my only regrets were set aside
our intercourse was very snide
these bruises you could never mend
you drill me deep yet i won't bend
the colors long to disappear
to black and white and so unclear
these melodies of pretty things
accompany such obscure dreams
i bade you farewell by the fire
i watched you drink me and run higher
i studied countless little clues
yet still i couldn't reach the truth
now life will pass with no regrets
you've drained me dry, i feel so dead
yet whistling a tune of merriment
i bid you au revoir, we weren't meant
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Toxic Euphoria :iconstatickarla:StaticKarla 1 2
mary jane. by StaticKarla
Mature content
mary jane. :iconstatickarla:StaticKarla 1 3
baby, let's put the X in sex. by StaticKarla baby, let's put the X in sex. :iconstatickarla:StaticKarla 5 1 lullaby drugs. by StaticKarla lullaby drugs. :iconstatickarla:StaticKarla 1 0 speedy romances. by StaticKarla speedy romances. :iconstatickarla:StaticKarla 0 0 teeny tiny. by StaticKarla teeny tiny. :iconstatickarla:StaticKarla 2 0 carnal desire by StaticKarla carnal desire :iconstatickarla:StaticKarla 0 0
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little tramp. :iconstatickarla:StaticKarla 1 0
Mature content
late, late in dead of night. :iconstatickarla:StaticKarla 0 0


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Magpie On The Gallows

Written by: CliveBarker
Magpie on the Gallows
High above my head,
Tell me truly, maggot–pie,
Is my lover dead?
When he went away to war,
To me eternal love he swore
Tell me truly, bird of gloom,
Where his bed and what his doom?
From the gallows hear the magpie screech:
From now on your lover’s out of reach.
In a bed of mud he died
Soldiers slept at either side,
He has never been faithless dear,
And never will be now, I fear.
Magpie on the Gallows
Feathered white and black,
My brother went a–hunting
Will he not come back?
He was tall and he was strong,
Face was fair and limb was long.
Tell me truly, maggot–pie,
Did he live or did he die?
From the gallows hear the magpie scream
Now your brother is left alone to dream.
There’s no need for you to fret
He’s still fair to look at yet,
He lay in the snow to doze,
And while he slept the poor lad froze.
Magpie on the gallows
Where the death–rope creaks,
Why is it th
:iconclivebarker:CliveBarker 360 47
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Donella 4 :iconbarelight:BareLight 189 5



United States
I'm a weirdo; let's just leave it at that.
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i'm happy.

for now.

he promises many things.
at least they don't seem like lies.

what's wrong with me?

i should know better. believing is suicide.
but believing in him...i just can't help it.

i'm truly, deeply, in love.

oh man. i'm screwed.


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my life's been pretty hyped with school and exams [plus i was failing algebra 2 which made my parents take away my internet] but things are going much better now.
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np :)
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